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love is a simple chemical reaction...

...and my chemical left me a beautiful disaster

30 August 1989
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If you want to really know me you gotta see the world the way I do: Check out my camera phone site. I love music and art. I draw and I take lots of random pictures. I take heart and take risks. One of my cars tail-lights is currently made of tape...and uh..my favorite day of the week is Saturday. I love my DVR. My current goals in life are to live for romance and also to stop being so damn unemployed. I have a guitar and an 80's fishtail skateboard but I can't do shit with either so I guess they're both for show. I have a horrible habit of stealing signs..also stuff from hotels, I don't know why but I just do. My room is like..crayon red. Seriously. All my walls, bright friggin' red. It rocks. My whole room rocks. So does my dog. Gwen Stefani, too. And also the color pink.--But I rock the most. I rock so much that I'm on fire. Message me any time. +AIM SN: xim0nfir3x
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