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Jan. 21st, 2008 | 08:04 am
music: Mary J Blige - Work That

well turns out Pixie is a girl, but so is Lil Mister! I couldn't catch Punk in time for the appointment, but I'm positive he's a male. Roxy is gonna get spayed on Tuesday, tomorrow..which is also my first day of school for this semester at Harper! I feel totally unprepared, it came up so fast--well okay not really, it just feels like my break should be longer, even though it was already hella long! I haven't even bought my books yet, argh! I also have to leave my class early to get to work..wonder if that'll go over well with the teacher haha.

I visited my sister yesterday, she broke a bone in her ankle ;( it was fun hanging out there with my mum and dad tagging along, we watched this funny episode of What Not To Wear while putting together this insanely hard puzzle, which by the way I totally ROCKED it. we left before it was finished though, but they finished it themselves! I bought her a huge box of candy and a card--my mom gave her a card earlier that she signed for me, but you can't fool someone whose been in on that secret her whole life! my card was awesomer anyways. I also signed her cast with a ton of pretty colored markers ;D wh00t

mmk time for breakfast!

lots of love

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